Feet Secrets

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
I've heard through the gossip bin, that a friend of a friend of mine has never seen her husband's feet. I know this has to be true because, well... who would make that up? And it has me wondering... why? If he has some odd defect or he just isn't into showing off his toes then, okay, he doesn't expose them to outsiders. But this is his wife we're talking about, his partner, his soul mate, the mother of his child.

I wouldn't be able to handle the secrecy myself. There isn't a mole on my husband's body I don't know about. And personally, I'd feel hurt if he tried to block a thing like that from me. It'd make me question what else he was hiding.

Keeping something so private seems like it'd take a lot of fun out of your life too. I mean, what about showering with your loved one? Or swimming? It'd have to get pretty hot in the summer. And what about sleeping? I put on those warm, fuzzy socks in the winter when my feet are cold, but I usually have them kicked off by morning. I cannot sleep with something on my feet.

The whole thing has me thinking about writing too. This is something that would make a great detail. It could be packed with a load of symbolism too. A heroine could really learn her man the moment the socks come off!!

Well, this has been my Andy Rooney moment. Check back later for more crazy blogs.

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