Friday, May 23, 2008
I have a feeling I'm heaping too much on myself at once. Not only am I trying to get a house built but I've been pushing the writing thing hard lately. In the past eight months, I've joined Romance Writers of America, become a member of a local chapter, entered six contests, submitted five queries to publishers, and started a critique group. I've received piles of comments from my helpful writer friends and stayed busy reading their work. I've gotten a MySpace page, began to blog, written authors and gone to meetings and festivals.

It's taken a lot from my usual reading/writing time, which was why I started all these new activities in the first place. Not to mention I have a regular 40-hour a week job. I have no idea what I'd do if I actually had children.

This morning I received an email with one of my stories in the title line and I almost started bawling because I thought I'd gotten a rejection letter... before I even opened the silly thing. Once I got my hands to stop shaking, and read the email, I realized it was only a contest coordinator, letting me know they'd received my entry. Whew.

I'm so glad this is a three-day weekend. Need a break bad. I'm going to do nothing but sit at home (mostly because gas is too high to actually go out), eat chocolate, and read and write. Okay, that's a small fib. I'll probably help work on the house a little, and then there's my ten-year class reunion on Saturday. Oh, and I also have to finish reading some critique group material so I can return my comments by Tuesday.

Man, there went my weekend. Hope you all have a great holiday anyway.

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