New Mommy Status

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Today, my baby girl is one month old. I had to take a few pictures of her to mark the day!
Yep, she's getting to be an old woman. But she's still a cutie pie in my opinion. I love the way she lifts her hands and shakes them around. Looks like she's conducting an orchestra, which makes me wonder...Will she be musically inclined? She HAS been trying out her lung capacity a lot more lately.

The day she was born, a handful of nursing students visited the hospital. They got to watch her c-section, then follow her to the nursery as she was measured, weighed, and tested. Since I didn't get to hold her--or even see her really--until she was two hours old, the nursing students were so helpful when they came to check my stats...They filled me with stories about how she was doing with her first bath and so on. I guess Lydia was a content newborn. She wasn't much of a cry-baby. But the maternity nurses needed to know she had a good set of lungs, so the nursing students had to "stimulate" her to make her cry. After a little back rub, she was wailing with the best of them.

When I finally got to meet her, she was still a quiet child. But in the last month, she's beginning to grow out of that stage. I guess she has more to say these days. That, or she's just getting fussy in her old age.

Since we've switched her over from nursing to formula feeding this week, the hubby and I worried about her indigestion (Okay, okay...we've worried about EVERYTHING in the past four weeks--hearing, crossed eyes, boogers, birthmarks, etc.). Maybe she has gas problems due to the formula. So...we're going to try a couple different types. Still haven't found one that totally satisfies me yet.

And so, that is how the life of new motherhood is progressing for me. It still feels strange...being "a mother". I don't feel any different, don't look any different (well, except for that big belly that's not so big any more). When other people have had children, I've gained a new perspective of them. But I still see myself the same way. My life has changed; there's this tiny, needy little person around that constantly demands my attention, but I don't feel changed.

It's the same way with my writing...My first book was published last month. But I don't feel like some big, awesome author. I'm just average ol' Linda.

Anyway, Lydia is doing okay. She's slowly getting more sleep at night (Hallelujah!) and she doesn't spit up...much. Comparatively speaking, she doesn't really cry THAT much. I think I found myself a gem in daughters.
She's definitely a keeper.


  1. That kid is so stinkin' cute! She reminds me of my daughter when she was that age. Kind of skin and bones, (not pudgy) but totally healthy. Hugs to you!!! :O)

  2. She is so bright-eyed! I predict a smart little girl who will love to read and make up stories.

  3. How precious! Being a mother is the best career in the world- relish every moment.

  4. Awwwww, *sniff* How PRECIOUS.

    I love these pics. And to think. She's our little one, too. I mean. It stands to reason. We went through that pregnancy too. =)

    Love ya,

    Queenie *grin*

  5. She's so adorable!! Thanks for the update. :-) Sometimes I feel changed and sometimes I just feel like who I was before I had kids, except more tired. lol
    Good luck with formula. It can definitely make the babies gassy so I hope you find one that works well.

  6. She's beautiful! Sometimes it's the choice of bottles. I had two kids who were fine with regular bottles, but my daughter preferred the Playtex Nurser bottles. Less air intake= less gas:)

  7. Thank you so much, everyone. And You could be right, Molly. I didn't even think of the bottles needed changed. Thank you so much.

  8. The nursers are slightly more expensive, but her spitting up destroyed at lot of outfits, including ones handed down two generations. I felt bad, not being able to pass them onto my niece! I think there were only a few which remained, after we caught the problem.

    Got to hang out with my 'other grandchild' last night, 2 month old Shaant. He started to fuss; I patted his behind and imitated him; he looked at me and cooed back, and was soon smiling:)

  9. Oh, she's so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing those pictures. It warms my heart. :)

  10. Lydia's gorgeous! You're so very blessed.

    It's normal for new parents to worry about everything. I went through it, too.

    I'm jealous about the not spitting up much. Count yourself lucky. #5 for me was a projectile vomiter - a lot.