Sold Book Number FOUR

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
The Wild Rose Press has placed great faith in me and contracted me for yet another book.


DELINQUENT DADDY is an adult contemporary romance about Boston Kincaid who realizes he has a ten-year old daughter with Ellie Trenton. Merely wanting to get to know his little girl, he reenters Ellie's life only to discover the chemistry never died between the two of them.

I'm just starting edits, so it'll be awhile before I find out WHEN the story will be released, but it'll be available at online bookstores in both ebook and print once it's available.

If you'd like to meet Boston before his story comes out, he'll be a supporting character in my third book, HOT COMMODITY, which will be available in November from Champagne Books.

Head to my Bookshelf on my website to read more-detailed blurbs if you're interested.

As Nancy J. Parra would say... Cheers!!


  1. Woohoo! Many congratulations on another sale! :-)

  2. You are one remarkable lady! Congratulations!

  3. Oh, my! Congratulations. Your train is roaring down the track. What a cool cover, too!


  5. Wow, you are on a ROLL. LOL

    I hope your first day at work went smoothly. *hugs*

  6. Woman...Keep it up!!! Here pretty soon you'll be able to quit your job and just WRITE!!! Man, what a life that would be huh?

    BTW, are you going to the MRW retreat this year? Want to do it the same way as last year?

  7. So exciting. Congrats! :O)

  8. (tossing confetti) Woo hoo! You're on a roll, woman! Mega-congrats on the contract:)

  9. WOOT! Congrats on the sale. That is so exciting. I hope I can find a publisher that will publish four of my books! I better get writing so I have four books, actually...