Goodreads made me read it!!

Monday, March 12, 2012
I've been a daily guest on Goodreads lately. But it's such a nice place to hang out.

Everyone there is talking about BOOKS! And since that's my thing, I lurk a lot (yeah, I'm one of those) and I check out what so many people are talking most about these days. Ergo, there are a handful of books that have hit my radar and it seems EVERYONE is discussing these stories.

I'm getting tempted, REALLY tempted, to get the following books because of Goodreads.

SWITCHED by Amanda Hocking.
(Trylle Trilogy, #1)

Unless my sources are wrong, this is the great Indie author who sold so many of her own books, she got picked up by St. Martins Press. I couldn't tell you one thing about the book, but I'd say it has some kind of paranormal elements. Shrugs! I still wanna read it.

FRACTURE by Megan Miranda
(Not in a Series to my Knowledge)

I read someone's review about this story (for the life of me, I can't remember who's review I read), and they made it sound so fabulous, I wanted to put everything else aside and start reading it that very moment. But for some reason, I still haven't purchased it yet. It's a paranormal YA story, which better have some romance in it...just sayin'.

(Fifty Shades #1)

This is apparently a BDSM book that is totally addictive. The hero is some greatly tortured young millionaire who likes to be ultra dominant in the bedroom, and he becomes obsessed with a sweet girl-next-door college student who interviews him at the beginning of the story. I found it surprising that so many mainstream readers were crazy, wild about a BDSM book. Which has me intrigued. Must read soon to find out what all the hoopla is about.

(Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1)

Okay, I know next to nothing about this story either. It's fawned over by lots of YA book lovers, so me thinks it's a YA book, but don't quote me on that. I'm also going to go with paranormal, but I haven't even read a blurb, and I'm still tempted to buy it just because so many other people rave about it.

CINDER by Marissa Meyer
(Lunar Chronicles, #1)

I'm seeing this cover everywhere, so people must like it, or the author has a great promotional plan going on. From what I understand, it's a steampunk version of the Cinderella story. But I don't even know if it's for YA or adult audiences.

So there you have it. I know barely anything about them but I WANT them...all because of Goodreads! Is that totally insane or just normal for a romance reading junkie like me?

More importantly, have any of you read any of these stories? Do you recommend them? Should I, should I, should I throw caution to the wind and just get them? Oh well, I probably will anyway! Thanks for the advice.

In other reader fan-girl news: Elizabeth Hoyt has extended the excerpt she'd posted for Thief of Shadows (steamy historical romance) on her website, which I've been dying--yes, DYING--to read these past few months. It was like a soothing balm to my eager little reader soul. Oh, I can't wait until July.

Which prompts another question from me: What book are you most anticipating to read right now??


  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I'd like to read Amanda Hocking's book. Just out of curiosity. Fracture and Fifty Shades of Grey sound good too!

  2. Read SWITCHED. I really enjoyed it! Was it the best book I ever read? No. But it was a really good read.

    I have seen that cover for Cinder everywhere on Goodreads, but have no idea what kind of book it is either.

    I'm waiting for the next in the Hex Halls series. It's YA. It comes out this week!

  3. You have Amanda Hocking correct. I haven't read any of her work.

    I've read about 50 Shades of Grey everywhere over the weekend, even in mainstream news. Go figure.

    And Cinder. Who doesn't love that cover!

    I really need to do more at Goodreads. And Facebook. And Twitter.

  4. I've not spent a great deal of time over on GR; maybe I'm not going to the right places on there?

    I'd like to read 50 Shades Of Grey just out of curiosity:)

  5. Got to agree that Cinder is a lovely cover and wish I was drawn to YA reads. I haven't spent much time at GR because I don't know my way around. Also spending time around all those books calling my name, the less likely I am to finish my own. But I'm eagely awaiting the next installment from Chelsea Cain's serial killer Gretchen Lowell and Det. Archie Sheridan. The book is titled "Kill Me Twice."