Interview with DEVIN MONAGHAM, Hero in Ivy Bateman's "Between the Lines"

Monday, March 5, 2012
She felt herself grow hot—she knew she was blushing, and she should at least acknowledge his presence, but she couldn't. Devin...she'd completely forgotten the unbelievably sexy Irish writer was one of the seven authors launching a book tonight!

For some time now, she had been hoping to meet him and, had she remembered Devin was part of the book launch, she would have steeled herself for this moment. Ever since Isaac introduced her to Devin's work, she had developed a crazy, high-school crush on him. She loved his rough-around-the-edges good looks and often gazed hungrily at his author photo on the back cover of his books—cigarette in hand, sometimes smiling, sometimes not. Lara usually found smoking to be a turn off, but this didn't seem to be the case when it came to Devin. He had beautiful hands and sexy eyes. When he held a cigarette, it looked as though he was making love to it. Lara found him irresistible.

She snuck a glance at him in the reflective elevator wall. He was lovelier than his publicity photos had ever captured. He was looking at the floor and grinning slightly, a dimple adorably apparent on his right cheek. He ran his hand through his mop of dark brown hair. It gleamed in the light, begging to be touched. Lara immediately pictured his head working its way down her body, her hands tugging at his locks, maybe pushing it to go even lower...

Lara quickly stopped her imagination from running wild and was about to look away when he looked up and met her eyes in the glass. He smiled at her; a shy, slightly knowing that told her he knew what she was thinking. That was ridiculous. How could he know?

She returned his smile, or hoped she did. She may have just let her jaw drop. She started to attempt a sentence when the door chimed and opened into the lobby. For a moment, neither of them moved; they stood in the elevator looking at each other in their reflections on the wall.

"After you, Ms. Munroe," he quietly lilted.

You just read an excerpt from:
Ivy Bateman

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Linda Kage: Today, we have political writer, Devin Monagham here with us. Devin is the hero in IVY BATEMAN's debut erotic romance novella, Between the Lines, which released last month from Breathless Press. So, put your hands together for Devin! Hey handsome! The burning question in all our minds this morning is...Who IS Devin Monaghan? Could you please describe yourself in 100 words or less?

Devin: Who is Devin Monaghan, well that isn't exactly an easy question to answer. How does one talk about one's self without coming across as a bit of a narcissist? Okay, I suppose I could be described as humorous, devilishly handsome (laughs), and I enjoy quiet evenings at home with my books, my wine and if I'm lucky, with a lovely and intelligent woman who will read to me while in state of very little dress…Perhaps that's too much information…but there you have it: me in a shallow nutshell.

Kage: Give us a peek into your head. What is one happy memory you have?

Devin: Pretty sure I gave you a peak into my head in question one! But, okay happy memory… the first time someone said, well my editor said "They’d like to publish your book and here’s a sizable advance!" If truth be told, it was the advance part that really brought out the elation. However, I was both happy and horrified: happy because finally I arrived a time where I could make a decent living doing what I love, writing and horrified because I would now have to enter the world of serious deadlines.

Kage: Okay, now let’s skip to the stuff I want to hear about…this is a romance writer’s blog, after all! Before going into this story, what was your romance life like?

Devin: Romance life…I wouldn’t call it a “life” so much as “moments”. I don’t have time right now to have romance as a regularly scheduled part of my day. One day maybe, but for now, I cherish the moments which are divine, heavenly…better than I’ve experienced before and I’m pretty sure I don’t quite deserve.

Kage: I've heard rumors about you and some erotic romance author. Lara something or the other? Oh, yeah. I've heard of her! So what’s going on there, and why isn't your relationship with her like it's been with every other woman you've dated before?

Devin: Well, my goodness…someone has done their sneaky research! You are clearly referring to the lovely Lara Munroe. Our relationship…yes it is different, far different than I’ve had with anyone else. The why though…that’s what you want to know. I think it’s because she’s so free, so uninhibited and not just…you know…in a certain room…She loves her career, her writing, her fans. She loves to laugh and has a brain behind those blazing green eyes. People are drawn to her. She has an inner fire you can’t ignore and in my case, have trouble doing without. The romantic “moments” we share, well…I hope they will become more than moments before too long.

Kage: What do you like most about her? And what do you like least?

Devin: Well, what I like the most is that when I talk, she really listens to me. She understands me. A lot of women I’ve been with only nod along, and have no real interest in the world I write about. We can have deep conversations about all sorts of topics and on the nights where wine is involved, we can solve all the world’s problems while we’re at it! (smiles) But what I like least…I know I should say “Oh nothing! She’s perfect!” but, and well it’s only a small thing…she’s very chatty first thing in the morning. I have trouble remembering what brand of animal I am when my alarm goes off and Lara, she loves to have full conversations immediately. I’m just not cerebrally capable first thing in the morning..

Kage: How do you intend to handle this situation with her?

Devin: Well, I usually just mumble at her and say that if we’re going to converse when I only have four brain cells working, could she please bring me some coffee? Sometimes she does, sometimes she throws a pillow at me and heads to the shower and…sometimes…she wakes me up in a much more personal manner…I tell you…that kind of thing will get a man talking! Maybe not in complete sentences, but it’s a good warm up!

Kage: Thanks for stopping by and gracing us with some eye candy--I mean, with your presence. Was there anything else you'd like to add before getting along on your way?

Devin: Eye candy indeed…no, no…Lara’s the one who’s worth looking at! But thank-you for saying so and for the interview; it’s been lovely meeting you. Cheers!


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Publisher: Breathless Press


  1. Ha! Fun interview. It was great meeting Devin. :)

  2. It was great meeting you Devin! You're story is definitely going on my TBR list!

  3. Great interview and so nice to meet you, Devin! My brain cells don't fire up either until doused with coffee. : )
    Best wishes!

  4. Well, was lovely to meet all of you. I only hope there's enough of me to go around.


  5. love the read so far and I give it two very BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!!!! Good job, Ivy!

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