Interview-Giveaway-Guest Post-ACHOO!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I know, I know, after that big jumble of a title, you just feel like saying "Bless you!" huh?

That's why I added the "achoo" sneeze at the end. Plus, my kid gets a kick out fake sneezes these days, so I've been slipping in an "a...a...a...CHOO!" at the end of everything I say to make her laugh (she's giggling right now, in fact)!

So I have four places to send you to on my "THE BEST MISTAKE" countdown today (It releases a week from today, remember?).

The Interview:

1. Yesterday, I was interviewed over at The Book Wenches Review Site. I talked about the latest WIP I completed and how that story is probably way-too emotionally close to me!


2. Today, a copy of "The Best Mistake" will be given away to one commenter who visits the Reading Between the Wines Blog.

3. There is a contest going on over at The Romance Review where, I'm giving away three copies of "The Best Mistake." It ends March 14th.

The Guest Post:

4. And it's my regularly scheduled day to post over at The Writers Vineyard today, so I'm over there as well, talking about setting and, mmm, frosting.


After next Wednesday, I think I'll be done with all the interviews, countdown guest posts, and giveaways for a while.

But until then, I hope you're not too annoyed to be chasing me all over the internet! You needed the exercise, right? Yeah, I thought so!

Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. Oh my goodness! You're a busy lady. :-)

    Too cute about your daughter!!

  2. You're everywhere! I'm headed over to read about frosting :)

  3. Boy, you are a busy, busy lady!! Frosting? Got to find out about that!!!