Proud Mommy Moment

Friday, March 23, 2012

We interrupt this author blog and talking about books and writing to brag about a big Mommy Moment for me!

I no longer have a little baby girl. I have a full-fledged toddler! Woo hoo. Miss Lydia finally used her potty chair yesterday. Her grandma (who babysits her while I work) and I had been talking to her about it, telling what she needed to do to be a big girl. But whenever we'd ask her if she wanted to sit in her chair, she'd simply say, "No," with no interest whatsoever.

I heard you're not supposed to push these things. Okay, I've heard all kinds of advice on potty training, but we decided to follow the "don't push" advice. "She'll do it when she's ready." And yesterday, she was ready!

Grandma got her to sit on her chair and once she did her business, Grandma and Grandpa praised her so much and gave her a prize, consisting of M&Ms, she went and pottied in her chair three more times by the time I picked her up from work. Then she did it again at Grandma's to show me what she could do. At home, she went twice more.

The last time, I wasn't even planning on taking her. I'd just pulled her from the bath and had her sitting on the floor, wrapped up in her towel, while I turned away to drain the bath water and put her toys away. When I came back around, she was sitting her her chair, straining her belly to squeeze out a few drops.

Unlike Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad were not prepared for "prize" giving. Lydia had gotten some chocolate for her birthday last month from her aunt. But I guess Daddy didn't think she was eating it fast enough, so he helped her along, consuming most of her birthday present. I was planning on giving her a chocolate square, or "kaw-kaw" as she calls it for a potty prize. But, yeah, there was only one square left. Thanks, Dada!

So the last time she used her potty last night, I opened the bathroom door and called my husband's name, saying "hurry. Bring chocolate!" When he told me there was none left, I changed gears, thinking of what other treat Lydia liked. So I called, "Bring pretzels." Don't ask why my two-year-old is into pretzels. But there it is.

After she munched on her pretzel stick, I set her on the edge of the bathroom sink where we do our nightly teeth-brushing routine. But Lydia, of course, was still into wanting more prizes for her job well done. So, instead of yelling, "Dada," as she refers to him, she yelled his first name like I'd just done, even used the same inflection in her voice I had used. "More pretzels," she added.

It was too cute to resist. The kid got more pretzels!

So that's another proud mommy moment coming at you from Linda Kage. How's your Friday going?

It's been wet here all week, flooding, raining, slopping up my poor car with mud. I'm ready for a nice dry, sunny day.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. So cute! Congrats for the big girl!!!

  2. I laughed out loud at 'more pretzels'! Huge congrats to Lydia!
    Happy Weekend to all :)

  3. She's growing up Mommy:)

    Kudos to no more diapers!!

  4. That's so cute - clever girl! Love the way she called for her daddy the same way as you!

    I've given you a Lucky 7 Meme Challnge on my reading and writing blog, if you want to accept it, Linda.

  5. She's a big girl now!! Gosh, it goes by so fast.

    I remember my kiddo's treat was those mini marshmallows. And then for #2, she got a big one. LOL