Happy News Friday

Friday, March 16, 2012
I was going to tell ya'all how my self-editing tip worked, where I highlight all my overused words to find and change them. Well...I tried to highlight all them (in different colors) at once and found it to be quite overwhelming to see ALL the times I could repeat one word on a single page. It's definitely a useful feature, but I'd suggest highlighting only one word at a time!

In other news, Lydia has something she wants to share! Her mommy's book, A Man for Mia, is now out in hardback LARGE PRINT!!! Woo Hoo.

She even calls it "Mama's book," though she calls every book without pictures "Mama's book!" The picture books are clearly staked as "Mine, mine mine!"

Oh, yeah. We've moved into the MINE stage. She's tried to stake her claim on the iPad with the angry chant of "mine, mine, mine", but Mama and Dada refuse to let her take it over completely, though I have to admit, she knows her way around it better than I do. Anyway, we tried to teach her to share with "Mama's turn", and "Dada's turn". Now, every time she sees me with it, she claims, "Lydia's turn, Lydia's turn, Lydia's turn." Sigh. There's just no winning with her.

She'd also like you to know The Right to Remain Mine is out in paperback print, but we haven't received our copies yet, so I'm sure a picture of Lydia posing with a new Mama's book will be coming soon!

The last thing I'm excited about sharing on this Good News Friday is that the last WIP I finished and am still all proud of (usually I hit an I'm-so-ashamed-I-wrote-this-drivel point after writing a story, but I haven't gotten there with this one...yet!) has been submitted and a partial read by an editor...and she wanted to see the full! Woo hoo! That right there has made my entire week.

So, spill it. What Good News do you want to share today?


  1. WOW, you're chock full of good news!! Congrats!

    Lydia is so cute. :-)

  2. Lydia's so cute I can see how you can't resist "Lydia's turn!"

    Enjoy all your good news!

  3. Happy, happy news! I love how your trying to teach Lydia about taking turns. LOL!

  4. Congratulations Linda! Very happy news all round!