Interview at Claire's Place

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
The third stop on my mini blog tour halts today at From the Muse, a blog hosted by Claire Ashgrove. So, that's where I am this morning. Hop over and say hey!

If you missed the first two blog interviews, they took place at Molly's Musings on August 10th (Lydia came along for that one and did splendid; she stole the show!).

And the first interview took place at Romance Books R Us on August 7th.

Other than that, I'll be back here on Friday (my mom's birthday--WooT!) to announce contest winners.

PS: As of 7:30 am, the interview hasn't been posted yet, so until it airs, I'll just tell you about this wonderful review I found this morning for The Trouble with Tomboys! The Long and Short of It Reviews gave her a 5 out of 5 books. Just read all the amazing things they had to say:

"One rough around the edges, smart-mouthed tomboy is no match for Tommy Creek Texas’s too good to be true golden boy, but when they come together it’s hotter than a Texas wildfire.

Ms Kage gives us a most unique plot/story line in her contemporary romance The Trouble with Tomboys by giving her readers a 180 twist to this all to common James Dean-esque bad boy hero paired with Miss Goody-Two-Shoes heroine out to win his heart and change his wild ways. Ms Kage in her storytelling majesty gives us airplane flying, cigar smoking, potty mouth BJ Gilmore and couples her with too good for his britches not to mention too sexy for his shirt widower Grady Rawlings and then she let’s the games begin. And begin they do as she throws us into this incomparable tale with her Texas drawl dialogue that flows throughout the novel and throwing in some hard living, hard talking scenes that pop from the pages into our mind as she paints her words into pictures we can actually visualize.

Her characters are all so important to her story and they all lend a hand in the telling of the tale from the one liner all the way to the stars and supporting cast of players. Her hero, Grady and heroine, BJ outshine the rest as she takes us through the trials and tribulations of their romance. Her readers will cry with them, laugh with them and pull for them as they stumble their inept way to their most deserved happy ever after. The romance is funny and sad, it’s heartwrenching and heartwarming and her audience will feel then entire spectrum of emotions right along with her characters. Her love scenes are very physical, visceral and descriptive and yet we see and feel the longing of the couple and the love that evolves.

So brace yourselves for one wild ride with this exceptional debut novel [actually, this is my second book, but it's my first Adult romance] by a name that you will soon be I’m sure hearing a lot more of. The Trouble with Tomboys is one of those novels that will stick with you long after you read The End. If you’re looking for an unforgettable read with memorable characters and a story that will stick with you, look no farther than The Trouble with Tomboys. Oh and Kudos to you Ms. Linda Kage, keep up the excellent work."

PS on my PS: Well, it's no longer August 24, and my interview did not air at Claire's place. I'm so sorry for directing everyone that way to read an interview that wasn't posted.