TTWT Countdown : Day 2

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There are TWO days left until The Wild Rose Press releases my adult romance, The Trouble with Tomboys, and the countdown party here is going hot and heavy.

If you missed the first day of the countdown, you may not be aware I'm throwing a contest to win a copy of the book, so check out my CONTEST PAGE on my website if you'd like to enter.


Have a little fun now and play this contest on my blog instead.

Here's what's happening:

The heroine’s name in The Trouble with Tomboys is B.J. Gilmore (hopefully you’ve caught onto that fact by now!!). But if you read the deleted prologue yesterday in my outtake excerpt, you’ll know Grady tries to find out what the B and J represent way back when he’s seventeen. She refuses to tell him her full name, and he doesn’t get his answer (well, HALF his answer) until minutes before marrying her.

So, I gotta know… can you figure out B.J.’s full name? I’ll give everyone three guesses. Leave your B.J. answers in the comments section and if someone actually gets the answer right by the end of tomorrow--August 5, 2010--then I’ll send a $25 Gift Card from to the first person who guesses correctly.

Have fun; guess away!

And don’t worry if you don’t win anything here, there’s still that chance for you on my contest page over at my website. You don’t have to guess anything there to enter, just toss your name into the drawing!!


  1. Barbara Jean?

    Billie Jo?

    Bobbie Jo?

    Or did I just disqualify myself for three guesses?

  2. Nope, you didn't disqualify yourself. But you didn't guess right either.

    So...oh, heck. I don't care if you guess a hundred times really; it's okay. I have a bad feeling no one will get the right name unless they bought an early bird paperback version of the book.

    And if you buy the book to cheat, then honestly, that's fine with me too because, WOW, you bought my book. Cool.

  3. Brenda Jean?

    Baby Jo?

    Blue Jay?

    It was fun to guess anyhow :O)

  4. Beatrice Jo?

    Beverly Jane?

    Brigit Jean?

    Bernice Jo?

  5. Bonnie Jo?

    Bertha Jean?

    Okay...I think I've exhausted my brain...every time I leave your site, another B word pops in...

  6. This is going to drive me crazy. I always give in and tell my husband what I've gotten him for Christmas beforehand. But, okay. One hint.

    One initial is named after a singer, the other is named after a charcter in an old Sandra Brown Book.

    And that's all I'm saying. You can't BREAK ME. I swear--okay, I hope.

  7. Brittany...arghhh...I've only read one or two Sandra Brown books!

    Julie? Jules?



  8. Oh! I want to read your book--I'm going to have to check out the contest page. As far as the name...ugh, I've NEVER read a Sandra Brown book--I'd have to ask my sister.

    How about...

    Billie June (yeah, that sounds weird but it would work better if you added in her last name)

    Belinda Jo, just kidding

    Brittany Jo, Billie Jessica? Lol, I always give in and tell my hubby his gifts early, too! Man, this is hard :)

  9. I didn't mean to make the contest so hard. Honest.

    Beyonce would've been great. I like Blue Jay too.

    Actually, I'm surprised my editor let me keep the name I chose; it has no flow to it at all.

  10. How about...

    Bambi Jean

    Bethany Joan

    Beverly Jean

  11. 'Billie Jean is not my lovah...'

    Sorry; Michael Jackson moment!