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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Molly Daniels has interviewed me on her blog : Molly's Musings. So that's where I am today. And yes, Lydia will be there too (she might only be able to say MA, BA, and DA these days, but trust me, the woman still knows how to give her opinion about things)!!

Before you go, though, my first story, the young adult romance, got all jealous because The Trouble with Tomboys has been hogging the lime light recently. Ergo, The Stillburrow Crush would like to announce a few new reviews she's received lately.

A Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews, she rated a 4.75 out of 5:
"The Stillburrow Crush has already made it into my book discussions, and I have already recommended this book be read. Linda Kage is an author I will whole heartedly follow, and in fact, I have already purchased another one of her stories. She took a clich├ęd book topic and made it new, and she most certainly made it exciting.

To conclude, The Stillburrow Crush Is a MUST read and I hope girls and women of all ages read this. The Stillburrow Crush more than exceeded my expectations."

And Amaterasu Reads Reviews gave her a 5 out of 5:

"I think of this book as my luckiest find for the year. No other book has topped it in my list...These are real issues they were facing. Its about family, love and acceptance of what we really are. The characters felt real, their emotions mirroring those that we feel. Linda Kage has written a marvelous story about love and the choices we make in that shapes our lives."

Okay, I'm done with you now. Have fun at Molly's! Thanks.

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  1. I know I'm late in responding but your book sounds fascinating. I hope you had a great day here.