TTWT Countdown : DAY 1

Thursday, August 5, 2010
For the last day on my countdown to the release of The Trouble with Tomboys, I have sitting across from me in plush, comfy chairs the hero and heroine of my novel: Grady Rawlings and B.J. Gilmore. They’ve agreed to come in for an interview to help celebrate DAY 1.

ME: Welcome to my blog, you two.

GRADY: Thank you, Ms. Kage. It’s an honor to be here.

BJ: Whatever.

ME: (A bit discombobulated by my heroine’s slouched and bored demeanor, I fumble through my notes until I finally find my interview question. Ah! Here they are. Clear throat.) Okay. First question. What are your biggest fears and greatest joys in life?

BJ: (Snorts) Biggest fears? What kind of pansy question is that?

GRADY: B.J. (his voice is full of reprimand)

BJ: What? It’s a stupid, corny question. Next thing we know, she’ll be asking how we met, like we’re on some lame, dating show.

(At this point, I blush and madly scratch out the next question on my list)

GRADY: Regardless, please keep in mind this woman invented us. We wouldn’t even exit if she hadn’t put us down on a paper in the first place. Humor her, will you?

BJ: (Big sigh, eyes rolling) Fine. Grady’s biggest fear is losing someone he loves.

GRADY: (Teeth gnashing) I think I can answer for myself.

BJ: Right. Like you were going to admit that aloud?

GRADY: If you think turning the lime light on me just so you won’t have to say how scared of snakes you are—

BJ: I’M NOT SCARED OF SNAKES! Just because I don’t like the disgusting, slimy—

GRADY: Oh, gimme a break. You scream every time you see—

ME: (Lifting hands and waving them madly) Guys! Whoa. Hold up, there. Let’s not start a fight over such a simple question.

BJ: (Quirking an eyebrow my way) Who says we’re fighting?

(I’m the one who lets out a big sigh this time. After taking a moment to calm myself, I continue)

ME: Maybe we should just move on to the next question. What are your greatest joys in life?

BJ: I think you need to put one of those “Need to be eighteen” warnings up before I can answer that question. Seriously. (She hitches her thumb toward Grady) Look at what I’m married to here. What do you think my greatest joys are?

GRADY: (Laughs)

(It’s a rich, full sound that takes my attention away from B.J. I still think it’s strange to hear his laughter, I kind of get caught staring at him. He has such a beautiful smile; it lights up his entire face, and I feel all smug I created such a handsome hero)

BJ: (Scowling) Hey, I know he’s eye candy and all, but could you stop undressing my man with your eyes.

(This time my blush is more like a total body sunburn; I swear even my toes are red. I clear my throat and quickly look away)

ME: Maybe interviewing you two was a bad idea.

BJ: Gee, you think?

ME: Alrighty then. That about wraps up this enlightening interview. B.J. Grady. It was a pleasure to meet you in blogosphere.

GRADY: The pleasure was ours, ma’am. We appreciate the effort you went through to get our story out there for the world to read.

(Not even daring to look at him, I hold back a little shiver as his low, Texas drawl works through me. But, wow, does that man have a great voice.

From the corner of my eye, I watch him take B.J.’s elbow and escort her off into the sunset. And there goes my plans for a grand interview. Sigh.)

So…since my characters aren’t really the interrogating type, I think I’ll spend the rest of this post, thanking everyone who helped me make my book possible.

Oooh! Dedication time.

To my great, wonderful, awesome, amazing, handsome husband. This one is for you. You’re the inspiration behind all my stories because you let me know happy endings aren’t just in fiction. Every day I discover something new to love about you. Thank you so much for marrying me.

And to the rest of my family (there’s just too many of you to name, sorry): Your unending love and support makes it really hard to write about tragic, tortured characters, but it encourages me to keep on trying anyway.

To Claire Ashgrove and Jackie Bannon who made me think TTWT actually had some substance to it. Thank you so much for the critique and ego boost. It was exactly what I needed.

Finally, to my editor for this story at The Wild Rose Press: Stephanie Parent. Thank you so much for putting up with me. You rock.

And with that, I bid you farewell. Tomorrow's the big day! SQUEAL.


  1. That was the best interview EVER! Wish there were more like that on TV...... entertaining! :O)

  2. Fun and fabulous!! Thanks for sharing.