TTWT Review

Friday, August 6, 2010
The Trouble with Tomboys is officially released today!!!!

And I already have my first review.

Here's what Single Titles : We Love Fiction had to day about TTWT:

(4 Star Rating)

"When B.J. and Grady spend one night of passion together, only to have an unexpected surprise a month later, the two opposites are thrown together whether they like it or not.

B.J. Gilmore likes cigars, poker, and flying her plane. When Grady Rawlings, a widower with an unapproachable demeanor, needs a pilot; B.J. plans for his overnight business trip. B.J. is not put off by his rough exterior and pushes Grady to experience something he has not felt in awhile; being alive. After a one night affair, they part and go their separate ways until a month later when B.J. finds she is pregnant.

Trouble With Tomboys throws together a by the rules follower Grady, with a feisty wildcat B.J causing quite a ruckus in their wake. B.J. is not one to beat around the bush; her refreshing honesty will have her winning a place in readers hearts. Enormously entertaining and a difficult book to put down." --Reviewer: Emily

And I didn't even pay them to say this. Aren't they just the sweetest?

If you'd like another opinion, check out what Lydia thought of TTWT when I handed her a copy.

See. She thinks the story is totally drool-worthy. Yum!

I know, you simply MUST get your own now, right? Well, here are a few buy links.

Paperback : The Wild Rose Press Books-A-Million

Ebook : The Wild Rose Press

Hope you enjoyed TTWT's countdown party. We will now return to regular programming...I think. Wait. Since when has anything I've ever said been regular?

Oh, well. See you later anyway.


  1. I'd say Miss Lydia already knows a good book when she sees one:)

    Happy Release Day sweetie! (tossing confetti)

  2. That kid is totally enjoying your book. Adorable!!! :O)

  3. HUGE congrats!! I'm totally going to order the book... it looks amazing!!

  4. Yay! Congratulations--and what a great review!

  5. Oh Wow! COngratulations to you on your new release:)) and the baby is so cute too!